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Embroidery Manufacturing

Embroidery manufacturing

Adoratis Embroidery uses only ZSK Multihead embroidery machines for better and fast embroidery production.

With 109 heads in multihead machinery our company can embroider fields up to 70x40cm in frames and continuous frames up to 650x70cm for badges and other cut labels.

By using over 20 sizes of frames ranging from 6cm to 70cm, our staff can embroider almost on every type of fabric. We are also using perfecta cutting knifes to cut embroideries right to the edge, for collars and pockets and badges.

With a stock of more than 300 colours in embroidery threads (mostly Isafil, Isalon, Isamet, Isacord, Madeira), we can supply you with any thread or colour of your request.

The technology used by Adoratis Embroidery can produce any design and sample it for you almost in the same day.

We also have in stock over 50,000 designs in categories that you can choose, and any design can me modified in any way to serve your needs.

Working 24 hours per day in 3 shifts, Adoratis Embroidery makes sure that our customers are satisfied by delivering their garments urgently.

About Adoratis Embroidery

Adoratis Embroidery is an embroidery manufacturing company, founded in Cyprus in the year 1977.

Since 2001 the company has been moved to Romania, under our private premises, and it is operating at full speed since.

About Adoratis Embroidery

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